You are what you eat. Relying on whole, healthy foods and listening to signals of hunger and satiety will satisfy nutritional requirements, allowing your body to reap the benefits of health and longevity. Our resident registered dietitian-nutritionist will guide you to make the healthiest choices in consideration of your personal goals and/or health considerations.

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Do you want to take control of your health?

For personalized support based on the latest scientific studies and years of clinical experience, make an appointment with our registered dietitian-nutritionist.

10 reasons* to consult with a registered dietitian-nutritionist (RD):

1. You are trying to gain or lose weight. You may have gone on every diet, maybe even lost weight, but have struggled to maintain it. You may even know what you should be eating, but just can’t seem to put it into practice. An RD can guide you towards what to eat to achieve your goals, be it healthy weight gain or loss, and perhaps most importantly, motivate you and keep you eating healthfully without feeling deprived, once and for all.

2. You want to improve your performance in exercise. What you take in (energy intake) will affect what you put out (energy expenditure). To get the most out of your exercise, an RD can help you plan your nutrition, pre-, during and post-work-out — whether you're training in a gym, running a marathon, or dancing in aerobics class.

3. You have a medical condition such as diabetes, heart problems or high blood pressure. Poor dietary habits can be the root of many chronic and inflammatory conditions. An RD serves as a key member of your health-care team by helping you safely modify your eating habits without compromising on taste or nutritional quality.

4. You have digestive problems. If are experiencing bloating, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea, suspect a food intolerance or gluten sensitivity, or have been diagnosed with Crohn’s, Celiac Disease or ulcerative colitis, an RD will help fine-tune your diet to avoid aggravating your condition, find relief and even rediscover the pleasure of eating through the proper nutrition.

5. You are or are thinking of becoming vegan or vegetarian. When making the choice to exclude certain food groups, you may need some help getting the right amount of nutrients your body needs. An RD will work with you to develop an approach to meet your needs.

6. You are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breast-feeding your baby. Your nutritional status before and during pregnancy may influence your baby’s health at birth and possibly onwards for an entire lifetime. An RD can help ensure you and your baby get enough energy and key nutrients for a healthy pregnancy and beyond.

7. You struggle with issues related to body image, food and eating healthfully. An RD can assist you in dealing with anorexia, bulimia, binge or compulsive-eating brought on by various factors.

8. You are concerned with healthy aging and disease prevention. An RD can show you how to integrate healthy choices into your diet to lower your risk of developing certain diseases, as well as help relieve joint and arthritis pain and manage symptoms arising during hormone changes such as menopause.

9. You feel tired all the time. An RD can help you improve physical and mental energy levels by learning how to supply your body with the fuel it needs.

10. You want to eat smarter. An RD can simplify healthy eating by helping you navigate through nutrition information and clarify misconceptions; understand product labels at the grocery store; discover that healthy cooking can be easy and inexpensive, learn how to eat out without jeopardizing your progress.

Make the changes last a lifetime. Trust a nutrition expert. Trust your dietitian.

The information provided above is intended for information purposes and is not to diagnose or treat any disease. Consult with our dietitian-nutritionist to assist you further.

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