Massage Therapy

Quartier Revolution has your well-being at heart! Our team includes two certified massage therapists.

Who can benefit from massage?

Everyone! Whether it’s for relaxing or therapeutic purposes, massage therapy is a source of well-being and relief suitable for the general population.

Benefits of massage therapy

The Fédération québécoise de la massothérapie*, writes that more than a moment of relaxation, massage helps reduce stress, prevent diseases and improve one's health. Massage offers many benefits on the structure and posture of the body, the general body’s functioning, the sensory and psychomotor functions, the psychological and emotional levels.

If you have an illness or if you wish to receive a massage for a specific problem, please inform your massage therapist at the first appointment to make sure he has all the skills to support you adequately in this process.

The structure and posture of the body:

Massage offers many benefits on:
• relieves back pain
• increases muscles’ flexibility and resilience
• helps relaxing tensions improves joint mobility promotes greater range of motion

The general body’s functioning:

Massage offers many benefits on:
• soothes and calms
• relieves pain
• improves sleep
• increases breathing capacity
• improves digestion and reduces constipation
• improves blood and lymphatic circulation, resulting in better oxygenation and toxin elimination
• improves skin health

The sensory and psychomotor functions:

Massage offers many benefits on:
• increases body awareness
• awakens the sense of touch and sharpens the perceptions
• promotes a greater flow of energy

The psychological and emotional levels:

Massage offers many benefits on:
• increases awareness of emotions
• increases self-esteem and self-worth
• contributes to the open-mindedness and resistance to stress

In the more specific case of energetic approaches, massage acts on areas of tension in order to promote a better balance. It thereby increases disease resistance.

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