Insanity Live

This Insanity Class is going to push you past your limits. It combines cardio with plyometric drills of strength, power, resistance and core training.


It's time to rise above the excuses. Step outside your comfort zone. And make the shift from "I can't" to "I will". Because if you want a hardbody, you've got to work hard for it. And we'll do it together.

Be better than yesterday — every day.

INSANITY® LIVE is challenging, group-focused athletic training, cardio conditioning, and total-body strength drills, designed for people of all levels. The moves are easy to follow — but the workout WILL challenge you, change you, and get you in the best shape of your life. So as you're giving it your all, just when you feel like your body is about to max out on certain movements, you're saved by the bell and it's time for the next block of moves. Plus, moves can always be modified so you can work up to your own best level.

It's about letting go of your excuses, your limits, and everything that holds you back — and challenging yourself to Dig Deep. Get ready to unleash your inner athlete and reach your personal best — because progress starts outside your comfort zone. And your classmates are right there with you to help get you through it.

Now anyone can train like an athlete.

This fitness breakthrough started as a DVD program and has helped millions of people Dig Deep to get in the best shape of their lives. Celebrities, professional athletes, and people just like you have gotten to their personal best with INSANITY. There's even a huge following of hundreds of thousands of Facebook® user-generated YouTube® videos.

Now it's your turn to completely transform your body with INSANITY LIVE.

It's more than a workout — it's an attitude.

Gain the confidence to conquer anything. When you see what you're capable of in class, you'll start to approach all things in life with that same confidence and determination.

Everyone is Welcome!

You don't have to be an athlete or extreme fitness enthusiast to join us. Everyone starts somewhere. Our Instructors modify the moves to challenge and support ALL levels, from beginners to advanced, so you get an incredible workout, no matter where you're starting from.

Community and Accountability

Join a community of friendly competition, encouragement, and personal fitness breakthroughs. You're in this together. You'll encourage each other to give it all you've got — and then some. And the Dig Deeper finale breaks you into groups to work together on exercises so you can help support and challenge each other.

One-On-One Instruction

Can't figure out how to perform certain moves? No problem. Your expert and inspiring INSANITY LIVE Instructor is there to meet you where you're at and give you modifications, regressions, progressions, and tips to help you get better. And you will get better.


Just head on over to Quartier Revolution. No need to buy any equipment or bring anything.

FUN Culture

You're there to work hard — and play hard. You'll sweat, you'll try new things and eventually master them, meet awesome people, laugh a lot, and look forward to coming to class.


Take your "before" picture and say good-bye to your old body. No matter where you start from, you'll end up with super-strong arms, rock-hard abs, sexy shoulders, and a hardbody you'll want to show off any chance you get. You'll start to feel like you can conquer anything.

You deserve to look good and feel amazing. Finally let go of whatever is holding you back and find out what you're truly made of. Just show up, Dig Deep, and get in the best shape of your life with INSANITY LIVE.

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