Each Bootcamp is unique in its own way.

Bootcamp classes offer full body muscular conditioning, toning and strengthening components along with cardiovascular training. As participants you will be challenged in a positive and supportive environment where you will be encouraged to elevate your personal fitness capacities. Prepared in advance, each class is designed to maximize the benefits of the equipment available to you at QR. Each class will have you pushing and pulling, lifting and stretching, skipping and jumping, rowing and using all muscle groups to maximize the benefits of our time together.

Bootcamp training sessions are also offered at lunch time. This class is specifically designed to fit in to your busy schedule, to get you in and out of the gym quickly after a full body workout.

Participants will train every muscle group in its primal state, using your body weight and strength to perform most of the exercise program. To ensure optimal benefits, I also incorporate weight bearing objects to enhance your training experience at each session. I offer energizing and invigorating classes that will empower you and keep your metabolism fired up throughout the day.

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