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When you enter Quartier Revolution, you will be greeted like a member of the family. Once you’ve entered you can stop by our health lounge, where you can sit comfortably in a sofa-chair and enjoy watching your favorite sport’s team on our 60” television, as you sip on one of our signature smoothies.


From there, as you keep going, you will enter our QRFIT training and gym floor where you will find state of the art equipment that you will no doubt fall in love with. The training floor is furnished with a 20’ QRFIT Rig armed with Olympic Rings for your gymnastics needs, monkey bars — yes of course — to monkey around with, a dip station, targets for wall ballin’, 16 Olympic bars in both the heavy and light variety, 6 Concept2 Rowers, 2 NXT Spinning bikes, 1 Lemond Recumbent bike, 30 ab mats. We also have 50’ of turf, a power sled, 3 parachutes, 6 plyo boxes, as well as agility ladders for your athletic speed and agility needs.

Across from the training floor you will find the children’s playroom where you can drop off the kiddos with one of our qualified attendants as you go for your workout.

As you continue through our health center, you will walk passed a mini-fridge filled with eucalyptus infused facecloths and water fountain conveniently located in between our Training floor and our Fitness Studio.


What goes on in the studio you ask? You name it, from Zumba to Yoga, from Ballet to Buttcamp, from Hoover Ball to Body Sculpting. Quartier Revolution has the class for you. But that’s not where the tour ends.

Once you exit the Studio and go to your right you will encounter our men’s and women’s locker rooms that are equipped with all the essentials and, of course, some extra amenities such as a full line of beauty products from Yves Rocher including hand soap, body washes, hand and body creams because we want the best for our members. Both Locker rooms are equipped with private showers.

As you exit the locker room area and continue towards the right you will find the office of our Nutritional Director, Richard Zaroukian, specialized in nutrition and weight loss and with over 15 years of health and wellness experience.

Lastly, around the corner, you will find our Massage Clinique where you can get sports and deep tissue therapeutic massage from one of our qualified Massage Therapists.


So, that is our club, our neighborhood, your new home if you will. All of this, we are extremely proud to offer you.

However, what we are most proud of are the people who are there to serve you. The people who warmly greet you, expertly train you, enthusiastically teach you. lt is the entire team, our best resource, who is dedicated to making your fitness experience an exceptional one.

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